Cleanafeeda Maxi 2

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The Cleanafeeda Maxi 2 is suitable for medium dogs. The Maxi comes complete with 2 quality stainless steel bowls and a handle.

    • The bowl carrier is made out of tough black which is tolerant of sterilising agents & dishwasher safe.
    • The whole feeder is lightweight, stable and non-chewable.
    • Incorporates an easy reach bayonet fitting handle to minimize bending effort. (can be used with or without easy reach handle)
    • Rubber non-slip feet – no spillage & no bowl chasing!  

    • Dimensions

      Height Width Length Kgs Colour Bowls
      14cm 45cm 22cm 2.0 Black  2
      bowls: 17 cms (7”) Capacity: 0.75 lts. Handle: 46cm